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1. No deductible (otherwise known as an "excess" or "first amount payable")

We apply a "franchise" instead. This means that when the loss exceeds the franchise amount, we pay the entire loss, subject to the limit of indemnity stated in the schedule, and the insured pays nothing. As with the deductible option, losses that are smaller than the franchise amount are not claimable.

For example:
Your sum insured is say R1 000 000
Your deductible is say R100 000
You incur a loss of R250 000

Deductible - The insurer pays R150 000 (R250 000 less the R100 000 deductible)
Franchise - We pay the full R250 000 and THE INSURED PAYS NOTHING.

2. We will immediately investigate any incident which may reasonably result in a claim, at our expense (this is not compulsory and you may conduct your own investigation, if you wish)

Other insurers expect you to present them with your claim. This means that you have to provide full information as to what exactly occurred to cause your loss - this is not as easy as it sounds and must be done at your expense which can result in large fees.

You also need to provide full evidence proving the quantum (amount) of your loss - this may be covered by your policy if you have a Claims Preparation Costs extension providing a limit that is sufficient to cover the costs that you are responsible for.

3. Free employee screening

In 2011, 11% of all people screened using AFIS (Automated Fingerprint Identification System) were found to have a criminal record.

Also, with the large number of casinos now in operation in South Africa, we have seen a huge increase in employee theft and fraud perpetrated by people afflicted with gambling addictions.

Checking a prospective employees' criminal and credit record is an effective way to reduce employee theft and fraud, and we have therefore arranged for all our clients to have free access to such screening (subject to certain limitations).
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